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In music, there are singers, and then there are true artists. Caitlin McGrath fully embodies the latter. Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts, Caitlin began playing the piano and singing at a young age, unabashedly performing whenever she had a chance. Its in her blood, its in her soul. Born into a family of artists she dove deeper into the art world, developing passions for drawing, painting, designing clothing and jewelry, sewing, and architecture. Today, Caitlin oversees all aspects of her artistry, from writing her own music to designing her own costumes, even producing and editing her own music videos.

Caitlin's musical influences are as diverse as her talents. Marvin Gaye, Teena Marie, Erykah Badu, Bob Marley, Elvis, Biggie Smalls, and Michael Jackson are just a few of the greats that have heavily influenced Caitlin's musical direction. In fact, her soulful, hypnotic voice often merits the response from first time listeners, "I did not expect that voice to come out of that body!" Well traveled and versed in many cultures, Caitlin possesses an authentic uniqueness that draws people to her wherever she goes. Her uplifting, inspiring music is always laced with her belief that you should follow your heart and always be happy. Feel good music with soul and sass, Caitlin's music is made to bring people together and to leave you with a smile on your face and a softness in your heart.

Welcome to a glimpse of the world that is...Caitlin McGrath

Caitlin McGrath
Caitlin McGrath
Caitlin McGrath
Caitlin McGrath
Caitlin McGrath
Caitlin McGrath
Caitlin McGrath
Caitlin McGrath
Caitlin McGrath

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Tropical Leaves



Faena Penthouse, Miami
Special Olympics State Gala, Waldorf Astoria, Orlando
Las Vegas City Hall
Art Basel Performance - Soho House Miami Beach


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